By outsourcing the entire range of goods transactions to logistics partners, trade and manufacturing enterprises free up enormous resources to focus on developing their own products.

In early April, FM Logistic, one of the largest logistics operators in Russia, underwent significant personnel changes. Oleg Alkhamov was appointed General Director of the Russian representative office, having worked for more than 11 years in senior positions in the structure of the international retailer Auchan. Previously held this position, Christophe Menivard will continue to be responsible for strategic projects in the executive committee of FM Group and will focus on business development in Eastern Europe (Russia, Ukraine, Romania). FM Logistic considers these reshuffles as a new step in further strengthening the company's position in the logistics market.

Oleg Alkhamov is well aware of the priorities of retailers, which, of course, will allow FM Logistic to better respond to their current needs. “The philosophy of omnichannel is being actively implemented in retail and the supply chain market. It involves combining various methods of ordering and delivering goods into a single system. The retailer knows its client well, but he trusts the professional players of the supply chain market to resolve issues of timely and high-quality delivery, - says Mr. Alkhamov. customs clearance, certification, sorting, repackaging, labeling and other actions. " This frees up the strength and resources of the retailer, allows him to concentrate on developing his own business. “FM Logistic becomes such a partner, and not just a logistic operator for its clients,” emphasizes the general director of the company. Thanks to the rich expertise and technological solutions used, logistics operators are increasingly integrated into the production chains of industrial and commercial enterprises. They become a key element of their business efficiency and a professional reseller between entire sectors of international trade.

As Oleg Alkhamov notes, historically FM Logistic has many clients from two large segments - retail and FMCG, whose business is closely related: “As a logistics operator, we play a very important role in the supply chains between these global sectors. Having a good understanding of the specifics of their activities, we are able to qualitatively meet the needs of both parties, significantly increasing the efficiency of their business. This, in fact, is one of the key goals of our company ”.

The rapid development of the e-commerce market all over the world determines the main directions of development of FM Logistic in Russia. “Our main goals are to improve services for e-commerce and intracity logistics, to strengthen the transport strategy, and to steadily follow the path of sustainable development. And, of course, our company continues to introduce innovative solutions for automation and robotization of operations, as well as use best practices in the field of logistics and supply chain management. Thanks to this, we offer our partners high-quality and sustainable supply chain solutions that allow us to make logistics as fast and efficient as possible, ”emphasized the new director of FM Logistic in Russia.