According to amendments to the Labor Code on remote work, the company is obliged to compensate remote workers for their costs for electricity, Internet, depreciation of equipment and software.

According to the Ministry of Labor, the remote work format, even after the restrictions on coronavirus began to be lifted, are retained by about 10% of employers. But Rostrud constantly receives complaints from workers who are not paid by employers any compensation for using their own equipment and software when performing production tasks remotely, at home. Service that will take over the work with personnel 1 This is a violation of labor laws, according to consultants of Rostrud. If an employee, whom the employer has transferred to remote employment, uses his own or rented equipment, software and hardware, information security and other means when performing work, the employer is obliged to pay compensation for their use. The procedure and amount of compensation is established by an additional agreement to the employment contract or the employer's local regulatory act.