In February 2023, the Federal Agency for the Development of the State Border of the Russian Federation announced a tender for the creation and implementation of video analytics systems at the entrances and exits to checkpoints across the state border of Russia. The initial (maximum) price of the contract will be 830 million rubles. The winner of the competition will have to install smart cameras at the entrances and exits of the following checkpoints:

"Zabaikalsk", "Pogranichny" and "Kraskino" on the Russian-Chinese border;
"Adler" on the Russian-Abkhazian border;
"Bagrationovsk", "Mamonovo" and "Chernyshevsky" on the border with Poland and Lithuania;
"Mashtakovo", "Orsk" and "Sagarchin" on the border with Kazakhstan. The Directorate for the construction and operation of Rosgranitsa facilities should purchase systems that will “automatically analyze images of faces”. The competition will end on February 21, 2023, the systems must be delivered by December 15, 2023.

It follows from the terms of reference that the systems will compare the image of the driver’s face at the entrance and exit from the checkpoint, as well as with all the data in a certain “biometric database or in a specific list.” What kind of base and list in question is not specified in the documents.

The system should provide, at the request of the user, the display of video data from CCTV cameras and from the archive at workplaces, independently for each workplace, both in full screen and in multi-screen modes. CCTV cameras should be installed both at the entrances to automobile checkpoints and at the exits from automobile checkpoints. It should also be possible to identify at least 90 brands of cars and trucks and at least 800 models of cars and trucks