The Internet of Things is a new stage in the development of the Internet, greatly expanding the possibilities for collecting, analyzing and distributing data that a person can turn into information, knowledge and, ultimately, into wisdom. In this sense, the Internet of Things is of great importance.

Subtleties of terminology
How the Internet of Things works
Areas of use
Business models for IoT implementation
IoT technologies
The history of the emergence and development of the Internet of things
Information security issues
Internet of things in sectors of the economy:

Internet of things in medicine
Internet of things in telecom
Internet of things in housing and communal services
Internet of things in the army
Internet of things in the power industry
Internet of things in construction
Internet of things in logistics
Internet of Things in Agriculture (IoTAg)
The Industrial Internet of Things is a multi-level system that includes sensors and controllers installed on the nodes and assemblies of an industrial facility, means of transmitting collected data and visualizing them, powerful analytical tools for interpreting the information received, and many other components.

What is Industrial Internet of Things
How the Industrial Internet of Things is transforming the economy
Application of IIoT in various industries
IIoT security
IIoT in the world: analytics and forecasts
Blockchain in IoT

Decentralization of computing is an inevitable trend in the development of the Internet of Things (IoT). On the other hand, the blockchain is also based on the principle of decentralization, so it fits very organically into the architecture of the Internet of things. The article talks about why blockchain is needed in IoT and how this bundle of technologies can work