In 2020, the Kaliningrad Automobile Building Plant Avtotor provided orders under the localization and outsourcing program to about 300 companies in the region. This was announced today, April 13, by the press service of the enterprise.

Among the suppliers of the largest commodity producer in the Kaliningrad region are both companies that produce components for the production of cars, and forms that provide services in various areas of the company's activities: transportation of goods and personnel, construction and repairs, medical services, cleaning and disinfection of premises, etc. In particular, the company "Motrex-KLD", which is a resident of the Special Economic Zone in the Kaliningrad region, increased the supply of multimedia systems compared to 2019 by 100 million rubles to 212 million rubles. In addition, in 2020, Motrex-KLD began deliveries of climate control systems for passenger cars for the first time. The volume of orders amounted to 288 million rubles.

Another major supplier to the automobile plant is Yongsan-KLD, a company with Korean capital, which produces bumpers, exhaust systems, and seats. Moreover, in the production of the latter, Russian-made fabric is used, and in the production of the exhaust system, a device for catalyzing developed in Yekaterinburg is used.