In the presence of a road enterprise with direct subordination of the administration in Murmansk in winter, the roads are not all right. For normal work, the Road Administration does not have funding, there are not enough people. The production base resembles a slum: almost all garages and workshops are easier to demolish than renovate.

But funding has been pumped through the organization for more than one year. Sums with many zeros. Among the contracts is the rental of equipment with a driver. At the same time, UDKh's own cars, as it turned out, stand in the garage during snowfalls.


Head of the Road Administration Margarita Kovaleva was appointed to the post at the end of last year.

Then Denis Moroz was dismissed for the failed work within the framework of the national project. The new head shared with SeverPost photos of the company's production base.

The pictures show rooms with plaster falling off the walls, spattered floors, littered with corridors. Here in the aisle, by some miracle, even a sleeping mattress was lying around.

It is not pleasant enough, but in such conditions people who are responsible for clearing the city streets from snow have been working, changing clothes, dining for more than one year.

The technical side of the issue is not much different. Workshops are located in approximately the same setting, there is a technique, its minor repairs are made.

Actually, most of the premises of the UDH are easier to demolish than to repair. Capital investments or new construction are needed here.

This kind of business at the city enterprise did not come suddenly. There is an impression that the UDH was planned to come to this conclusion.

According to the staffing table, more than 800 people should work here. It is this amount, according to the standards, that is necessary to maintain the entire economy in a normal state. It is necessary to take into account not only equipment and garages, we are talking about the normal maintenance of city streets.

But the UDH employs a little more than 600. They simply don’t bring money for the lacking employees, said Kovaleva.

As a result, even at peak loads, for example, in snowfalls, 40-45 drivers are on the line. And UDH has 151 units of snow removal equipment. It turns out that two-thirds of the cars are in the garage.

Director of UDH told why snow is poorly cleaned in Murmansk

13 04 2021

The fact that the equipment is idle as a result of managerial mistakes was also announced by Governor Andrei Chibis after a meeting in the regional government. This was confirmed by a check. By the way, not only the regional authorities, but also the regional prosecutor's office held their events.

Further - more interesting. The new leader also voiced other points. The city administration, the same one that until recently was ruled by the current head of Murmansk, Andrei Sysoev, has approved an extremely interesting regulation on remuneration for the UDH.

According to this magical document, Kovaleva cannot issue a normal premium for overworking to drivers of snow-removing equipment.

Even with double production, people can receive no more than 3-5 thousand rubles in addition, although, according to the logic of things, they should receive double wages.

And as the last line in the ode to labor - wages in the UDH are seriously below the market. The director of the UDH told SeverPost that until recently, snowplow drivers were paid about half of the market value of their labor. Since April 1, salaries have been raised to 80% of what is offered on the market.

It is logical to ask why this is so?

The possible answer is also prosaic. His SeverPost was voiced by the deputy of the Murmansk Regional Duma Igor Naydenov.

“It is profitable for them to work on outsourcing: the contract is signed, the rollback is for themselves,” the politician pointed out.

After that, there was a desire to look at the list of UDH contracts in recent years. We open any service with open data and see interesting things.

In recent years, there are only three companies in the top of UDH contractors: OOO Severstroy, OOO Nordstroy and OOO Aquarium. For three, these organizations have spent more than 3 billion rubles, which went through the UDH. Almost 150 contracts. But there are other contractors, and the sums there are also decent