At the moment, the market for services in the field of artistic and volume-functional design shows the presence of rather diverse players. Conventionally, all participants can be divided into several groups: manufacturers themselves, design companies and freelance designers, fashion houses, as well as advertising companies and research institutes and divisions

It should be noted that in-house design is a very popular business model among manufacturers worldwide. Formed their own design teams, often with the involvement of engineers and process engineers for materials. However, in this case, the possibility of burnout of designers is high and a change of creative composition is required. Nevertheless, the advantage of this approach is a design team that understands and accepts brand values.

However, according to experts, the popularity of outsourcing services in the field of industrial design is also growing. Large and medium-sized manufacturers are turning to external project companies to address issues related to industrial design products. This decision can be explained by the desire of manufacturers to avoid the cost of creating and supporting their own design departments, as well as get a new image of industrial products developed by professionals. It is worth emphasizing that the role of freelance designers in outsourcing is quite high. According to analysts, in developed markets, the share of freelancers is on average 10–20%.