However, this approach is fully applicable to all countries in the world. In addition, a great influence on the development of this creative industry has a direct willingness of manufacturers to invest in such developments in order to increase its competitiveness in local and foreign markets, such as in the USA, Western Europe or Japan. Also, regions in which production was massively transferred were actively developing in this direction, and, accordingly, the adoption of foreign experience by local producers, as well as the natural leakage of ideas and technologies (for example, as happened in China and South Korea). It is important to note that rather aggressive state policy contributed to the rapid progress here. The result is that these countries and territories have every chance to press more developed competitors

In a number of these macroregions, specialized service centers have formed and are developing, that is, specializing in the design of a certain type of industrial products (for example, passenger cars or consumer electronics). As a rule, these are large cities (sometimes regions) where there are large design-centered manufacturers and / or well-known educational institutions in the field of industrial design.