According to experts, at the moment the largest markets for design items (in almost all price segments, however, the segment of premium goods is the most indicative) are Asian countries, primarily China, which was able to press the developed markets of North America and Western Europe (see Fig. 2 ). Here, consumption supports a strong tourist flow within these regions, as well as the purchases of the local population.

The market of services in the field of specialized activities - art and volume-functional design. In this study, it will be considered in more detail this direction. The global increase in competition in the predominantly consumer markets will continue to contribute to the growth of the volume of work on artistic and volume-functional design (from 2.7 to 5% per year, according to various estimates). Industrial products must comply with current trends (fashion, technology, etc.), so you have to constantly change its image. At the same time, there is an increase in the rate at which new models of industrial products enter the market, differing in fact only in the external design.