("A game"). Further, the “emotional” concepts turned into serial models. A new approach to the production is directly reflected in the sales of auto alliance. In 2016, Renault entered the TOP3 of global automakers, selling almost 10 million vehicles.

• The American company Nike, one of the world's largest manufacturers of sporting goods, offered its customers a specialized service - online designer NIKEiD, with which you can independently design a pair of sports sneakers and then order them. The consumer can choose the model and color of the shoe from the proposed designs, as well as create their own logo consisting of letters and numbers. This service is also implemented at Nike points of sale, where, using augmented reality technology, a client can also create a unique appearance of sports shoes in real time, and then place an order for its production.

• In addition to offering consumers to “assemble” a model from the proposed modules, Nike also uses technological materials to maximize the personalization of their products. In particular, this applies to models of Nike FlyKnit sneakers with a seamless one-piece top, made of a special synthetic thread. The new material is not only very light, which made it possible to achieve a minimum weight of sports shoes, but also is able to adapt to the parameters of the user's foot (maximum fit).

• American startup, design studio Print the Future, specializes in the production of designer furniture through 3D printing. The company is mainly represented on the Internet, but it has one offline store, where buyers can directly participate in the creation of their furniture, follow its production and immediately pick up the printed interior item.