At the moment, against the background of the active development of various technologies, there is a complication of industrial products. Also play a role globalization processes. According to world experts, at the moment in the field of industrial design on a global scale, it is possible to observe the strengthening of existing trends, which, due to the complexity of the direction itself, are diverse:

 Gradual unification of existing styles and trends of industrial design and erasing the differences between local design schools (globalization processes have a significant impact). In this regard, there is a gradual decrease in the export barrier associated with the national characteristics of the perception of industrial products in foreign markets.

 Integration with engineering. Gradually, the business stages associated with the volumetric design of the product form and the formation of its internal structure are transformed into parallel processes. Creating a multifunctional form immediately reduces the development time of the new model and accelerates its entry into the market.

 The growing role of designers in the development of new materials for industrial production. At the moment there is a fairly large list of materials with unique properties that were created by designers and engineers for specific tasks, and not by representatives of the chemical industry. In addition, in specialized secondary and higher educational institutions, where designers are trained, disciplines for students concerning the design of new materials are being actively introduced and improved.