In 2015, the IKEA Foundation (part of the Netherlands manufacturing company IKEA) presented its development for the United Nations - the folding shelter for refugee camps (Better Shelter) project. The decision was included in the TOP25 best inventions of 2016, according to the American Time magazine, and also received the prestigious Beazley Design of the Year award for best design in 2016.

The modular house of 68 parts is made of recycled plastic and steel panels and is equipped with a solar panel, lighting and sockets (total weight 169 kg). The walls of the building are insulated with plastic foam. The total area of ​​the temporary dwelling is about 17.5 square meters. m. To build such a house, it will take 8 hours maximum and the efforts of no more than 4 people.

Better Shelter is designed for a comfortable stay of 5 people, but can be used for other purposes. For example, on the border of Greece and Macedonia, the facility is used as a mobile medical center for newborns.

The cost of one folding house is $ 1,150, which is several times higher than the cost of ordinary tents, the use of which is common in refugee camps. However, IKEA plans to reduce the cost of modular homes in the next two years.